CEMACH/UCL Diabetes Project

Summary: This project was a collaboration between University College London (UCL) Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute for Women’s Health and CMACE on two research studies on diabetes in pregnancy. The projects were funded by Novo Nordisk. 
The studies were:
1. Factors influencing the uptake of preconception care by women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes from different ethnic groups in London. This was a mixed-method study using qualitative and quantitative research methods and tools.  The qualitative tools include focus group, in-depth interviews and observation and the quantitative tool was a structured postal questionnaire to all health providers working with women with diabetes at University College London Hospitals and in Primary Care within the catchment area of UCLH
 2. Post-pregnancy follow-up for women with gestational diabetes: a review of current practice and an impact assessment of an alternative follow-up strategy. This included an observational study examining previous and current practice at UCLH; the development of an alternative follow-up strategy and  implementation and evaluation of the alternative strategy. It also included a national survey that investigated current practices of follow up for women with gestational diabetes in terms of a) the 6 week OGTT b) subsequent follow up to test for the development of diabetes. 
The results from these studies are currently being written up for publication. 

There have been a number of conference abstracts submitted and published since the project finished - to see further details of these please see 2009 and 2010 of our Journal Publications and Conference Abstract pages.

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