Child Health Enquiry Projects

The national confidential enquiry into child health commenced in 2004 when CMACE (then CEMACH) extended its experience of conducting confidential enquiry in maternal and perintal health and by applying it to the multidisciplinary, multi agency field of childrens’ health. The Child Death Review (2006) was completed with the report 'Why Children Die: A pilot study' in May 2008 and the next CMACE children project head injury in children currently underway.

The overall aim of this work is to improve the health of children aged between 28 days and up to 18 years.  The enquiry seeks to do this by identifying patterns of practice or service provision related to adverse outcomes, which could include death or morbidity and which may be avoidable.  The child health enquiry thus builds on the maternal and perinatal programmes and extends enquiry work beyond the neonatal period. 


Latest News

CMACE releases it's report Maternal obesity in the UK: findings from a national project.

This report has revealed for the first time the prevalence of severe maternal obesity in the UK, details the complications and consequences of obesity in pregnancy, and outlines the implications for the care of obese pregnant women. [07/12/2010]

Saving Mothers’ Lives Conferences March 2011

Now open for bookings - Early Bird rate available until 31st December 2010. [30/11/2010]

CMACE publishes briefing on genital tract sepsis from 'Saving Mothers' Lives 2006-2008

Emergent Theme Briefing #1: Genital Tract Sepsis, September 2010 [05/10/2010]

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