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Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health

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Diabetes in Pregnancy


This major programme has increased the level of understanding of the epidemiological, organisational and clinical issues in the context of the increased perinatal mortality and congenital malformation rates associated with diabetes in pregnancy.

This programme has comprised a series of related study modules:

  1. A survey of maternity services for women with diabetes (reported April 2004)
  2. A descriptive study of pregnancies in women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes (reported October 2005)
  3. An enquiry exercise comprising a case control study and an audit of care during and after pregnancy for women with diabetes (reported February 2007)
  4. A focused enquiry into the care of term infants of women with diabetes (Report due September 2007)
  5. A joint study with the Obstetric Anesthetists' Association (OAA) (Report date tbc)

All these reports are available to download from the publications page.  

Primary care leaflet

CEMACH has, together with the Royal College of General Practitioners and Diabetes UK, developed an information leaflet for general practitioners and the primary care team. The leaflet focuses on practical steps to be taken for all women with diabetes of childbearing age, whether or not they are currently planning a pregnancy. The leaflet was disseminated to primary care practitioners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in Autumn 2006 in collaboration with the Royal College of General practitioners.

A copy of the leaflet is available to download from our publications page. If you wish to receive hard copies of the leaflet please contact call Mary Humphreys on 020 7486 1191 or email info@cemach.org.uk

Publications Information

To date, CEMACH has produced three publications for each of the related study modules. The following are available to download from the publications page: 

A report outlining the findings of the focused enquiry into the care of term infants will be available to download from the publications page in September 2007.  

Diabetes Report Launch Conferences - 2007

CEMACH held three national launch conferences across the UK to mark the launch of the final report for the Diabetes in Pregnancy programme.

Please click here to view the presentations given across these three conferences. 


Interactive Workshops

The aim of these workshops is to disseminate the findings of the CEMACH diabetes enquiry and encourage participants to consider and plan ways in which they can translate findings and recommendations into practice within their area of influence.
It is hoped these workshops will:

  • Raise awareness of the impact of diabetes in pregnancy.
  • Raise awareness of the standards of care and the recommendations for care in diabetes and pregnancy.
  • Raise the profile of the findings and recommendations of the CEMACH diabetes & pregnancy enquiry, exemplifying the recommendations with case studies from the enquiry  
  • Through workshops assist healthcare professionals to consider actions they might take to meet the standards and recommendations for care of women and their babies in respect to diabetes and pregnancy.

The first of these workshops were held in Wales in June 2007 and the intention is to roll them out more widely during 2007 and 2008. 

For more information on these, please contact Clara Haken on 020 7486 1191 or your local Regional Office

Data Collection Forms and other useful documents

10_10 CEMACH Final Diabetes Neonatal Press release for 10_10_07
Diabetes Enquiry Pre-pregnancy Care Pro forma
Diabetes Enquiry Pro forma
Diabetes notifcation & standards dataset
Diabetes provision of services survey