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Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health

Improving the health of mothers, babies and children

Overview Maternal and Perinatal Health
Maternal & Perinatal Mortality Surveillance
Saving Mothers' Lives
Obesity in Pregnancy
Near term Intrapartum death & Neonatal Encephalopathy
Diabetes in Pregnancy
CEMACH/UCL Diabetes Project
Local clinical audits

Child Health
Child Death Review
Confidential Enquiry on Head Injury in Children

Maternal and Perinatal Health

CEMACH runs an integrated maternal and perinatal programme of work building on that inherited from CESDI and CEMD.  This includes Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Surveillance, Saving Mothers’ Lives (an ongoing case review of all maternal deaths) and national and Local Audit Projects.

The overall aim of this enquiry is to improve the health of mothers and their babies by identifying patterns of practice or service provision related to adverse outcomes and making recommendations for improvement.

The maternal and perinatal health programme is advised by a national, multi-sectoral panel of experts known as the National Advisory Committee for Enquiries into Maternal and Perinatal Health (NACEMH). 

The NACEMH is chaired by Professor Ian Greer, Dean of the Hull York Medical School.