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Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health

Improving the health of mothers, babies and children

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Child Health
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Head Injury in Children

Child Health

The remit of CEMACH was extended by its previous main commissioner, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, to include the establishment of a new national confidential enquiry into child health. CEMACH commenced the development of this new programme in early 2004. 

The overall aim of this enquiry is to improve the health for children aged between 28 days and up to 18 years.  The enquiry seeks to do this by identifying patterns of practice or service provision related to adverse outcomes, which could include death or morbidity and which may be avoidable. The child health enquiry thus builds on CEMACH’s maternal and perinatal programmes and expands its enquiry work beyond the neonatal period.

The development of the new child health enquiry programme is advised by a national, multi-sectoral panel of experts known as the National Advisory Committee for Enquiries into Child Health (NACECH).  The NACECH is chaired by Professor Deirdre Kelly, a commissioner at the Healthcare Commission and Director of the Liver Unit, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
An open topic invitation/selection process was undertaken in late 2004. The selected topics from this process were an overview of all child deaths and unintentional injury. In respect to the latter topic, we are developing this with a focus on head injury.

The child death review pilot study (2006) has now been completed and planning has begun for a project on head injury in children.