-Improving care for mothers, babies and children


1 Diabetes Enquiry

The initial enquiries conducted by CEMACH will be part of a study into the care of pregnant women with Diabetes. This study was commenced in March 2002 and its principle aim is to identify organizational and healthcare factors that affect outcome of the baby in pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes. Three separate data collections are being undertaken:

  • a survey of the organisation of service provision
  • an audit of standards of care for all women included in the programme
  • a confidential enquiry into the care of a subset of babies
  • The enquiries for the CEMACH Diabetes project will be held at regional level by multidisciplinary panels.

    Three corresponding Reports are planned for 2003/2004/2005


    2 Maternal Deaths

    The Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths is the oldest established Enquiry in the world and has been in operation for over 50 years and commenced in its present form in 1952, only four years after the NHS was founded. It reports every three years and the findings and recommendations have underpinned a large part of obstetric practice. Every death of a mother within 12 months of delivery is reviewed. There are approximately 120 such deaths a year. The methodology involves a multidisciplinary assessment of cases, although panels do not usually meet. The basis of assessment is the review of a comprehensive questionnaire, although panel members can also ask for casenotes. Recent reports have identified the importance of social deprivation and exclusion as contributory factors in maternal mortality.

    The next Triennial Report is due autumn 2004


    3 Scoping study into confidential enquiry into childhood deaths

    This will be commenced sometime in 2004 with an aim to establish:

    • the practical issues associated with data collection and panel formation for enquiries into for childhood deaths
    • potential areas for study through the confidential enquiry method based on initial findings from trial panel enquiries
    • worthwhile topics and recommendations for study at a national level.