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Report Launch

Diabetes in Pregnancy


Joint RCOG/CEMACH Meeting

11 October 2005


Healthcare professionals are welcome to use, in whole or in part, the presentations given at the joint CEMACH/RCOG conference “Diabetes in Pregnancy” held on 11 October 2005 to launch the CEMACH report “Pregnancy in women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in 2002-2003, England, Wales and Northern Ireland”. We do however recommend all presenters to study the full report before giving any local presentations. 


Many of these presentation contain large images and as such may take a considerable length of time to download.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.




This meeting was aimed at individuals working in primary or secondary care settings who contribute to the clinical care of, or are involved in service development strategies for, pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes and their babies.  Information was presented on 3800 women with pre-existing diabetes in pregnancy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including current national perinatal mortality rates, congenital anomaly rates and evaluation of standards of care against the National Service Framework for Diabetes. 







10:20am    A tribute to Sir John Harold Peel, ex-President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

                given by Professor Richard Beard, ex-colleague of Sir John Peel at Kings College Hospital


Session One: Setting the scene
Chair:   Professor Michael Weindling, Chair, CEMACH Board



Diabetes and pregnancy, problems and current national initiatives

Dr Sue Roberts, National Clinical Director for Diabetes, Department of Health, London


Click to download presentation, 211kB

An overview of the CEMACH Diabetes Project

Mr Richard Congdon, Chief Executive, CEMACH

Ms Julie Maddocks, CEMACH Regional Manager (North West)


Click to download presentation, 889kB

Providing maternity services for women with diabetes

Dr Jo Modder, Obstetric Lead, CEMACH


Click to download presentation, 1.5MB


Session Two: Perinatal Outcomes

Chair:   Dr Jean Chapple, Consultant in Perinatal Epidemiology/Public Health, Westminster Primary Care Trust, London



A description of the women and their pregnancy outcomes

Dr Mary Macintosh, Medical Director, CEMACH


Click to download presentation, 3.8MB

A description of the babies

Dr Dominique Acolet, Neonatal Lead, CEMACH


Click to download presentation, 951kB
11.55am Discussion


12.30pm LUNCH  



Session Three: Key messages from the report

Chair: Dr Bob Young, Diabetes NSF Implementation Group and Consultant Diabetologist, Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust, Manchester



Care of the mother: the role of maternity professionals

Mr Stephen Walkinshaw, Chair, CEMACH Diabetes Professional Advisory Group

Consultant in Feto-Maternal Medicine, Liverpool Women's Hospital, Liverpool


Click to download presentation, 940kB

Care of the diabetic: a diabetes team perspective

Dr Gillian Hawthorne, Diabetes Physician, Newcastle Diabetes Centre, Newcastle


Click to download presentation, 927kB

Looking after the baby

Dr Jane Hawdon, Consultant Neonatologist, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, London


Click to download presentation, 2.7MB

The Diabetes UK perspective

Dr Simon Court, Consultant Paediatrician, Community Paediatric Department, The Hind Diabetes Centre, Newcastle General Hospital

Click to download presentation, 2.9MB



Session Four: Improving Diabetes Maternity Services

Chair: Miss Heather Mellows, Chair, External Working Group (Maternity) of the Children's NSF, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Bassetlaw District General Hospital, Worksop



The challenge of empowering women

Ms Mary Stewart, Team Midwife, North Bristol Trust and Research Associate, University of the West of England and National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, Oxford


Presentation not available at present

Presentations of examples of good practice

A central committee shortlisted the following four submissions of good practice which were presented on the day



Pre-conception services

Pre-conception specialist midwifery care in St Mary's centre, Manchester

Ms Susan Quinn, Antenatal Clinic, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester


Presentation not available at present

Obstetric services

Improving outcomes in the management of pregnancy in women with diabetes

Dr Nick Lewis-Barned, Northumbria Diabetes Service, North Tyneside Hospital and Northern Regional Maternity Services Office (RMSO) Diabetes Steering Group


Click to download presentation, 582kB

Diabetes services

An Intensive education programme to promote empowerment for women with type 1 diabetes who are planning or are in the early stages of pregnancy

Ms Liz Houghton, Diabetes Department, Nottingham City Hospital


Presentation not available at present

Neonatal services

UCLH Neonatal care service for babies of women with diabetes

Ms Asma Khalil, University College Hospital, London


Presentation not available at present

Next steps

Mr Stephen Walkinshaw


5.00pm  CLOSE  



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