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Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health

Improving the health of mothers, babies and children




Chair - London

Salary range: Honorarium

Closing date: 06/03/2009

This is an exciting opportunity for a leading professional to provide a key role in taking forward an organisation committed to improving outcomes for mothers, babies and children.  We carry out national confidential enquiries into maternal and child health (the CEMACH programme) under contract to the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) and a range of other enquiries surveys and projects relevant to our mission.  An honorarium is payable.  Time commitment is expected to be 2 days per month.  Board meetings are held in London.  The appointment will be effective from 1 April 2009.

Purpose of Post

The post holder will provide a critical leadership function for CEMACH/CMACE by working with the Board, external stakeholders and the Chief Executive.  The Chair has primary responsibility for ensuring that the board is effective in considering the strategic direction for the organisation and reaching the decisions needed to ensure its success.  The Chair will represent and champion the organisation in working with external stakeholders.  The Chair will both monitor and support the Chief Executive who is responsible for the operational management of the organisation.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • To Chair meetings of the Board and in so doing ensure the involvement of all the trustees in discussions and decision-making.  To agree agendas for Board meetings and to ensure that an appropriate record of Board meetings is made and agreed.  Board meetings are usually held at least quarterly but additional meetings may be held where necessary.
  • To ensure that that Board focuses on the strategy whilst also receiving monitoring information on the implementation of agreed strategy.
  • To take the necessary actions to ensure that the Board critically appraises its own performance and effectiveness, including the performance of the Chair.
  • To ensure that appropriate actions are taken to ensure that Board members can stay in touch with the organisation between Board meetings and be directly involved should it become necessary.
  • To act as an ambassador by promoting and supporting the organisation with the full range of external stakeholders.  This responsibility includes a proactive element in making new contacts and promoting new callaborations.  It can also include a reactive element where issues arise with stakeholders where the Chief Executive needs support.
  • On behalf of the Board, to agree the individual objectives of the Chief Executive.  To meet regularly with the Chief Executive to enable monitoring of achievement of these objectives.  Whilst respecting the Chief Executive's responsibility for operational management, to provide support and advice in addressing significant issues arising for the organisation between board meetings.
  • To take the lead on the appointment of board members in line with the procedures and requirements set out in the memorandum and articles of association.
  • To work with the Chief Executive, who act as Company Secretary, to ensure the the functioning of the Board and information provided to it, enables the organisation to meet good standards of corporate governance and to comply with relevant company, charity and other legislation and guidance from the Charity Commission.
  • To ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place to cover the honoraria/renumeration of the Chairs of both the NAC and the Board, the Chief Executive and first-in-line executive directors.  This will involve the establishment of a Renumeration Committee.

For further in depth information regarding this job please download the job specification below.

For further details contact: Mary Humphreys 0207 486 1191 or email mary.humphreys@cemach.org.uk

For further informal enquiries regarding this position please contact Mary Humphreys.

Click here for the job specification and person specification