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Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health

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New Child Health Enquiry Topic


CEMACH is inviting stakeholders to participate in the topic selection process for the child health enquiry.
If you wish to make a suggestion please do so by completing the form available by following this link, by 30th April 2009. Alternatively please click here to download a word version of this form to complete and return to Rosie Houston at CEMACH either by email to rosie.houston@cemach.org.uk or to the address at the top of the form.  
The first project that CEMACH undertook in this area involved surveillance and enquiry into child deaths in 2006. This study, the “Child Death Review”, was reported in the publication “Why Children Die” (May 2008) (available at www.cemach.org.uk). 
One of the purposes of the study was to highlight suitable topics for future enquiry both in terms of need and feasibility. In this respect:
·         66% of deaths were certified in hospital (an even greater proportion in children with chronic health problems).
·         Palliative and terminal care were often provided in a hospital environment.
·         Avoidable factors in relation to the deaths were clustered in children without life limiting illness or chronic disability
·         Infection was a relevant issue in 29% of the natural deaths.
·         A recurring pattern amongst the avoidable factors found was a failure to recognise serious illness in children presenting to health care services.
Hence we seek suggestions for a future hospital based enquiry and will give preference to one that addresses some or all of these issues. It is already intended that an enquiry into the care of head injured children in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands will commence data collection in the latter half of 2009.
We thank you for your participation.
Dr Gale Pearson
Clinical Director of the Child Health Enquiry
February 2009

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