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Steady growth in turnover has been achieved in recent years. The organisation continues however to be highly reliant on one main contract, for approx 1.4m, with the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA). This has been agreed in principle to March 31, 2011. The post holder will be expected to support work required to assist in securing the renewal of this contract as well as the efforts being made to widen the organisations funding base. 2. The work of CEMACH/CMACE CEMACH started work in April 2003. It carries out research and clinical audit in the fields on maternal and child health. It inherited ongoing surveys from its predecessor bodies, the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths (CEMD) and the Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths in Infancy (CESDI). Its remit was extended in 2003 to include children to the age of 18. The approaches and methodologies CEMACH uses to achieve its objectives include, for example, confidential enquiries, research projects, clinical audits and epidemiological and organisational surveys. Supporting these approaches, CEMACH has considerable underpinning skills in the design of research projects, dataset development, database design, data collection and analysis. CEMACH also designs and delivers an active nationwide conference and interactive workshop programme to promote the findings of its work and the practical implementation of its recommendations. 3. Use of Funding In return for the funding provided by the NPSA, CMACE intends to carry out six concurrent strands of work. These include the two ongoing programmes, i.e. the triennial maternal death enquiry report and the annual perinatal mortality surveillance report. The remaining four strands of work will all be project based enquiries, i.e. two projects on maternity outcomes for mothers and babies and two projects on children. The current maternity projects are on obesity in pregnancy and intrapartum morbidity and mortality. As regards children, an enquiry on head injury care is currently underway and topic selection for the second child health enquiry will be carried out in the first half of 2009. Approximately half the resource provided by the NPSA for the CEMACH programme is committed to the two ongoing work programmes described above and the other half is committed to work on the four projects. The remaining 30% of funding in 2008/9 came from many sources. These have included research projects funded by the charity BLISS and by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. There have also been clinical audits/confidential enquiries carried out on a regional basis or for a specific health service provider. Some of the new Local Safeguarding Children Boards set up in April 2008 have contracted with us to provide child death data collection services. The organisations aim is to increase the funding received from other sources than the NPSA in order to increase CMACEs overall impact in improving outcomes for mothers, babies and children. 4. Governance The memorandum and articles of association were signed by the founding members of the company. These were: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Royal College of Paediatrics and Child HealthRoyal College of MidwivesRoyal College of AnaesthetistsRoyal College of General PractitionersFaculty of Public HealthRoyal College of PathologistsRoyal College of Psychiatrists A Board of eight trustees is envisaged. These will include the Chair, four healthcare professionals, two non-clinical professionals (e.g. with skills in business, finance, legal skills, media or other relevant area) and a lay member. At the current time, a transitional board with 6 members is overseeing the change programme. 5. Internal Structure The organisation is managed by its Chief Executive and Senior Management Team (SMT) who are responsible for operational management. The SMT has skills in a range of areas including clinical practice and research methodologies. The SMT attends meetings of the Board. The Head of Resources, who is the line manager for the Management Accountant post, will be a member of the SMT. The Baker Street office houses the central team and a regional team covering London and the South East. There are three other regional offices in England and sub-contracts with a number of other bodies which assist in data collection and local enquiry activity. There are affiliated offices in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. 6. Finance and Central Services Finance and central services are provided by a small team which includes the Management Accountant and is headed by the Head of Resources. The establishment of this team represents a new approach for CEMACH and is being undertaken to enable it to meet its new requirements as an independent legal entity. Recently, CEMACH purchased its own accounting software (Exchequer) to enable to run its accounts independently of the RCOG. A number of financial system developments are essential to enable CEMACH/CMACE to maintain management accounts that enable projects and clients to be treated as separate budget centres. CMACE expects to maintain close relationships with the RCOG and will for example, be aiming to contract with the RCOG for the provision of HR advice and payroll services. 7. Further informationFurther information about CEMACH can be obtained by accessing the website  HYPERLINK "http://www.cemach.org.uk" \o "http://www.cemach.org.uk/" www.cemach.org.uk . For further information about the role, please contact in the first instance Mary Humphreys on 020 7486 1191 or by email to  HYPERLINK "mailto:mary.humphreys@cemach.org.uk" mary.humphreys@cemach.org.uk JOB DESCRIPTION Post:Management AccountantSalary:c 30k pro rataGrade:RCOG Grade 6/7 (bar at point 3 of Grade 7)Time commitment:2 days per week based on a 35 hour week, i.e. 14 hours per weekLocation:The postholder will be based at central office. The Central Office is at Lower Ground Floor, Chiltern Court, 188 Baker St, London NW1 5SDLine Accountability:Head of ResourcesStaff in Finance and Central Services TeamHead of Resources (0.6 wte), Office Manager (1.0 wte), Management Accountant (0.4 wte) and Accounts Assistant (0.4 wte). Purpose of Role To provide a budgeting, costing and financial management reporting service to CEMACH. Main Duties and Responsibilities Preparation of annual budgetsPreparation of cost schedules when tendering for new workPreparation of cost schedules in business casesPreparation of monthly management accounts statements showing actual income and expenditure against budget for review by the SMT and the boardPreparation of cost accounts for projects and contracts, including the NPSA contract, showing actual expenditure against estimated expenditure specific to that project or contractManagement of the finance function in the absence of the Head of ResourcesSupervision and support for the accounts assistant as necessaryOther duties as required to fulfil the purpose of the role. Individual Personal Plan (IPP) CEMACH runs an IPP system in which objectives for the year are agreed with the line manager and performance is monitored against the agreed plan. Employment Contract Employment may be with the RCOG in the first instance. CEMACH is expected to commence separate legal status under the name Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE) on 1 July 2009. If the post holder commences before 1 July 2009 with a contract of employment with the RCOG, they will automatically be transferred under TUPE regulations to CMACE on 1 July 2009. Family-friendly employment policies CEMACH aims to be a family-friendly employer. CEMACH runs a flexitime scheme which offers, subject to certain basic requirements, a significant measure of choice in respect of hours of work. For this post, the time and days which may be worked can be negotiated within the overall requirement to provide 14 hours over at least two days a week. PERSON SPECIFICATION EssentialDesirableQualifications Part CCAB accountancy qualification or full accounting technician qualification 2 A levels or equivalentFull CCAB recognised accountancy qualification Honours degreeExperienceExperience of budgeting and costing Experience of preparing monthly management accounts Financial systems: Good knowledge of accounting software packages and their use Within a similar organisation, i.e. charity or medium sized enterprise. Experience of providing data to supporting tenders and business cases Experience of developing and improving management reporting Practical experience of new financial systems development and implementation Management some line management responsibility for finance staff Knowledge of other finance functions such as financial accounting, audit, bank reconciliation, treasury and exchequer.Personal QualitiesComputer literateNumerateAble to set and keep to strict deadlines for financial reporting Able to relate to staff of many backgrounds in a friendly but busy open-plan office.Report writing in lay terms about financial data APPOINTMENT PROCESS 1. The interview panel will be formed by:Richard Congdon, Chief Executive, CEMACHLaura Heys, Head of ResourcesAlison Miller, Director of Programmes & Midwifery Lead 2. The timetable for the appointment process is as follows: advertised week ending 24 April 2009closing date 15 May 2009 interviews 27 May 2009 3. Although no formal presentation will be required as part of the interview process, candidates will be invited to give their views about any significant issues they believe may arise from the financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2008 included in the information pack.4. Applications can be made by completing the application form contained in the information pack and returning it to Mary Humphreys, CEMACH Office Manager, Chiltern Court, Lower Ground Floor, 188 Baker St, London NW1 5SD or by email to  HYPERLINK "mailto:mary.humphreys@cemach.org.uk" mary.humphreys@cemach.org.uk 568<>STVWjno  M U V W X ` c k l m n ~  < V r ? c v ~  ƾκκκκκκγhmOhAhhah~ h856 h~56h8 h85 hfhfh0N3hfh0N35h0N3hf5hf hVq5 hA5 h0N35 hf5hzhzhz5 hzP5 hz5hVq56789:;<=>TUVW$a$gdVqekd$$Ifl J! t0644 la $$Ifa$gdzd3Wijklmno     4 gdf8^8gdfgd0N3 & F gdf$a$gdVq4 5 6 7 8 9 M N V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _ ` m n < gd~ & F gd~gdz$a$gdVq8^8gdfgdf< = 01MNEF /0>?gd|gdzgd~  /1FLMNX\aekq{>abFGLMXYļȸȴhVqh)+ht hz h~h1h1hohx%hRh"uAh|hzh"uAhz6h~h~56 ha56 h~56h|hzPh %hAh~?Mi,8G  #$(GZn.CLo'(hXZk$ףϣȐh| h|56hhRBhQ8/hX) h#y^hHOGhkS hX) 56 h:56 hoG56 hRB56hRh:h"uAh h<hzhOhah)h)56 h)567 &El #$'(YZ= > gdz & FgdO$< = > ? 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