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Richard Congdon, Chief Executive Officer

e-mail:  richard.congdon@cemach.org.uk

Richard joined the NHS through the National Management Training Scheme in 1975.  His later experience included in addition to the NHS, periods in local government and the private financial and management consultancy firm, KPMG.  He became Chief Executive at Mid Surrey Health Authority in 1991 and he was subsequently Chief Executive at two NHS Trusts in Epsom and Worthing.  He was appointed Chief Executive of CEMACH in April 2002 with his initial brief to bring together the two existing enquiries into stillbirths and deaths in infancy (CESDI) and maternal deaths (CEMD) to formally establish CEMACH from April 2003.  His ongoing brief is to set up a national enquiry into childhoods whilst maintaining and developing the national enquiries into maternal and perinatal mortality

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