Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health

                                        Improving the health of mothers, babies and children

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Richard Congdon, Chief Executive

Richard joined the NHS through the National Management Training Scheme in 1975 and his later experience includes eight years as an NHS Trust Chief Executive.  He was appointed Chief Executive of CEMACH in April 2002 with his initial brief to bring together the two existing enquiries into stillbirths and deaths in infancy (CESDI) and maternal deaths (CEMD) to formally establish CEMACH from April 2003.  With a background in the NHS at a local level, Richard is committed to ensuring the continued relevance and impact of enquiry work for NHS Trusts and other NHS bodies in the field.  His current focus is on evaluating the feasibility of setting up a new enquiry into child health whilst continuing to develop the maternal and perinatal enquiries.

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