Appendix E
CEMACH Advisory Groups and Contributors


Diabetes Professional Advisory Group

Steve Walkinshaw (Chair) Obstetrician
Jean Chapple Public Health
Pat Doyle Epidemiologist
Debbie Hammond/Simon Court Diabetes UK Representative
Olwen Harrison Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Jane Hawdon Neonatologist
Gillian Hawthorne Diabetologist
Anita Holdcroft Anaesthetist
Mary Pierce General Practitioner
Rona McCandlish Midwife
Bob Young Diabetologist

Diabetes Multidisciplinary Resource Group

Elena Alcock Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Audrey Alexander Metabolic Research Nurse
John Anderson Physician
Trish Bartlett Midwife
Siobhan Burke Midwife
Gordon Caldwell Physician
Kate Campbell Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Paul Cartwright Anaesthetist
Ian Casson Physician
Jean Chapple Public Health
Lorraine Clough Midwife
Ann Coburn Midwife
Matthew Coleman Obstetrician
Leslie Davidson Epidemiologist
Nigel Davies Obstetrician
John Davison Obstetrician
Anne Donhurst Physician
Caroline Duncombe Diabetes Specialist Midwife
Fidelma Dunne Physician
Sinead Dunne Diabetes Care Advisor
Grace Edwards Regional co-ordinator
Katrina Erskine Obstetrician
Sue English Midwife
Joanne Fox Midwife
Bob Fraser Obstetrician/BMFMS representative
Wendy Gatling Physician
Owain Gibby Physician
Michael Gillmer Obstetrician
Joanna Girling Obstetrician
Caron Gooch Midwife
Steve Gould Pathologist
Jane Gray Midwife
Trisha Greenhalgh GP
Margaret Guy Public Health
David Hadden Physician
Olwen Harrison Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Jane Hawdon Paediatrician
Gillian Hawthorne Physician
Jean Hemmings Diabetes Specialist Midwife
Rosy Hemmings Diabetes Specialist Midwife
T Hillard Obstetrician
Anita Holdcroft Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association
David James Obstetrician
Jacky Jones Midwife
Jane Lindsay Midwife
Cathy Kershaw Midwife
Mark Kilby Obstetrician
Gwyneth Lewis Director of Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Death
William Mackenzie Obstetrician
Kerri Mansell Midwife
Isaac Manyonda Obstetrician
Michael Maresh Obstetrician
Gerald Mason Obstetrician
David McCance Physician
Rona McCandlish Epidemiologist
Pat McGeown Regional Co-ordinator
Anne Millward Physician
Heulwen Morgan Obstetrician
Margery Morgan Obstetrician
Gill Morrison Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Deidre Murphy Obstetrician
Catherine Nelson-Piercy Physician
Geraldine O'Sullivan Anaesthetist
Renee Page Physician
Jack Peters Physician
Steve Robinson Physician
Jonathan Roland Physician
Peter Selby Physician
Mary Sidebotham Midwife
Adrian Sieff Team Leader
Alexandra H K Smith National Paediatric Diabetes Audit Project Manager
Katharine Stanley Obstetrician
Elizabeth Stenhouse Diabetes Research Midwife
Adrian Taylor Physician
Rosemary Temple Physician
Jonathan Thow Physician
Derek Tuffnell Obstetrician
Steve Walkinshaw Obstetrician
Helen Whapshott Diabetes Specialist Midwife
Linda Wilkinson Midwife
Anthony Williams Paediatrician
Joy Williams Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Chris Wright Paediatric Pathologist

Diabetes BAPM-CESDI working group

Patrick Cartlidge Neonatologist
Laura de Rooy Neonatologist
Sanjeev Deshapande Neonatologist
Alan Gibson Neonatologist
Henry Halliday Neonatologist
Jane Hawdon Neonatologist
Anthony Kaiser Neonatologist
Alison Leaf Neonatologist
Andrew Powls Neonatologist
Martin Ward Platt Neonatologist
Fiona Weir Neonatologist
Anthony Williams Neonatologist

Peer Reviewers

Carol Axon Midwife
Ian Casson Diabetologist
Sanjeev Deshpande Neonatologist
Pat Doyle Epidemiologist
Bob Fraser Obstetrician
Henry Halliday Neonatologist
David McCance Diabetologist
Heulwen Morgan Obstetrician
Gillian Penney Director, Scottish Programme for Clinical Effectiveness in Reproductive Health
Andrew Johnson Diabetologist
Ian Greer CEMACH Board
Griselda Cooper CEMACH Board
Elizabeth Draper Epidemiologist
Marian Knight Clinical Epidemiologist
Martin Ward-Platt Neonatologist

CEMACH Regional Managers

East of England Carol Hay
East Midlands Sue Wood
London Vanessa Clements
Stephanie Roberts (until 2004)
Joan Noble (CESDI NE Thames until 2003)
Patricia Hanson (CESDI SE Thames until 2003)
North East Marjorie Renwick
North West Julie Maddocks
Grace Edwards (CESDI Mersey until 2003)
Jean Sands (CESDI North Western until 2003)
Northern Ireland Terry Falconer, Maureen Scott
South East Melanie Gompels
Heather Kirlow (CESDI Oxford until 2003)
South West Rosie Thompson
Wales Jane Stewart
West Midlands Pat McGeown
Yorkshire and Humberside Lesley Anson


Michael Weindling Chair
Jean Chapple Faculty of Public Health
Griselda Cooper Royal College of Anaesthetists
Karlene Davis Royal College of Midwives
Beverley Fitzsimons Lay representative
Steve Gould Royal College of Pathologists
Ian Greer NACEMH Chair
Deirdre Kelly NACECH Chair
Neil McIntosh Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Una Rennard Lay representative
Ann Seymour Lay representative
Allan Templeton Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists