Appendix C
Minor anomalies to be excluded unless part of a syndrome complex


Group ICD10
   Stenosis or stricture of lacrimal duct Q10.5
    Minor or unspecified anomaly of ear Q17.9
    Pre-auricular appendage, tag or lobule Part of Q17.0
    Other appendage, tag or lobule Part of Q17.0
Congenital heart disease  
     Patent ductus arteriosus in babies <37 weeks of age or <2500 g in weight Q25.0
Respiratory system  
    Minor or unspecified anomaly of nose Q30.9
Digestive system  
    Hiatus hernia Q40.1
Internal urogenital system  
     unspecified renal agenesis/hypoplasia Q60.2, Q60.5
External urogenital system  
     Undescended testicle and unspecified ectopic testicle Q53.0-Q53.9
     Chordee Q54.4
     Glandular hypospadias Q54.0
     Postural or unspecified metatarsus varsus or metatarsus adductus Q66.2
     Postural or unspecified talipes calcaneovalgus or pes calcaneovalgus Q66.4
    Clubfoot of postural origin Q66.8
Musculoskeletal system and connective tissue  
    Unspecified malformations of the head and neck Q18.9
     Unspecified malformations of the nose Q30.9
     Tongue tie Q38.1
    Pectus excavatum Q67.6
    Spina bifida occulta uncomplicated Q76.0
     Malformation of the sternum Q76.7
Other nonchromosomal  
    Naevus, birth mark Q82.5
    Abnormal palmar crease Q82.80
    Skin tag Q82.81
    Accessory or ectopic nipple Q83.3
    Minor anomaly of nipple Part of Q83.8