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Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health

Improving the health of mothers, babies and children

Committee Chairs

Professor Jimmy Walker

Chairman, CEMACH


Professor Ian Greer



Professor Deirdre Kelly



Chief Executive

Richard Congdon


Medical Team

Dr Gwyneth Lewis

Clinical Director (Maternal Death Enquiry)


Dr Jo Modder

Clinical Director (Obstetrics)


Dr Gale Pearson

Clinical Director (Child Health)


Research & Development Team

Shona Golightly

Director of Research and Development


Suzanne Cox

Assistant Director of Research and Development


Rachael Davey

Administrative Assistant (Research & Development)


Kate Fitzsimons

Research Fellow


James Hammond

Database Development and IT Officer


Rosie Houston

Research Fellow (Child Health)


Heather Hughes

Research Administrator (CEMACH/UCL Diabetes Project)


Iman Mortagy

Research Fellow


Dharmishta Parmar

Data Manager


Anna Springett

Data Analyst


Amy Sullivan

Intrapartum Research Fellow


Central Office Support

John Bolton

CEMACH Accountant


Mary Humphreys

Office Manager


Nora Namakula

Senior Finance Assistant


Maureen Wilson

Committee Administrator


Programmes & Midwifery Team - Central Office

Alison Miller

Programme Director and Midwifery Lead


Clara Haken

Projects Midwife


Stewart McLurg

Conference Organiser


Shola Sanyaolu

Programmes and Events Administrator


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Affiliated Offices: See 'Affiliated Offices' page